How Much Does it Cost?


It’s a simple question, and one that, in regard to our therapy, I hear almost on a daily basis. People always want to know how much our therapy costs. While I know what our prices are, I believe there’s a huge difference between what the price of our therapy is, and what the cost of our therapy is.

Semantics? Hardly. There’s a world of difference between those two words.

Our therapy could cost you a lot: Time, energy, missed opportunities, sleep. Even if it were freethere’s still a cost involved.

That’s why when I’m asked, “How much does it cost?” my answer is same: “I don’t know.” And that’s the truth. don’t know what it will cost you. I don’t know if you’ll miss out on time with your children, your favorite TV show, or getting to bed at a decent hour.

But here’s my question to you: What are you willing to invest? 

Notice I didn’t ask: What are you willing to pay?

Just as there is a difference between cost and price, I believe there is a world of difference between invest and pay.

Our therapy is an investment. Sure, there’s a financial investment that is made, but you’ll also be investing time, energy, sleep, etc. It’s an investment in YOU!

QUESTION: What are you willing to invest?