Don’t Take “Yes” for an Answer

No yes

Is your internal alarm going off after reading this title? Are you worried that that’s a typo? Oh how embarrassing for him! Surely he meant “Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer”!

Don’t worry. I meant to type “yes.”

Typically, when we hear the saying, “Don’t take no for an answer” it means that we shouldn’t stop until we get what we want. It speaks to determination, commitment, and drive. It speaks to our will to never give up. It speaks to our strength.

But what if we “don’t take ‘yes’ for an answer”?

Think about it in terms of your health. How many of you, or a family member, or a close friend, have had this (or a variation of this) conversation with a physician?

Patient: “So, doc, cut to the chase. Am I headed for surgery?”

Physician: “Yes, it’s the only thing left to do, I’m afraid.”

Your fate is sealed. There’s nothing left to do. Surgery is your only option. The answer to your question is, “yes.”

But what if you didn’t accept yes? I find that, too often, we hear the answer to our question that we expected to hear and simply accept it as truth.

This isn’t an anti-surgery post. I actually have some extremely talented surgeons as clients. They do incredible work and help a ton of people. However, I’m simply saying that surgery may not be your only option.

I’ll argue that you don’t have to take yes for your answer, and if you don’t, you’re showing an incredible amount of determination, commitment, and drive. Just the same as when you don’t no for an answer. If you’re told that, yes, in fact, surgery is your only option, yet you choose not to have it and explore all your options, you’re standing just as strong. It shows you haven’t given up, thrown in the towel, or surrendered to your current condition.

Your body is capable of some amazing feats–including healing itself! You need to interpret your pain, not fear it. Don’t ignore it. You can’t afford to mask it anymore. And you can’t afford to simply take “yes” for an answer!

Pain means your body is out of balance. Something isn’t working properly. You have to start reversing the process. Balance out your body, get it moving like it should, and your pain will be eliminated.

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QUESTION: What answer will you accept about your health?