What’s Your Story?


I want to know your story. Each of us has one. Some of us have stories of tragedy, others stories of triumph. Some have had an easy-going life, others have fought tooth-and-nail for a status achieved or an accolade received. Some would consider our stories complete, while others feel like they are furiously hacking away at the keyboard on a daily basis.

Regardless of which words would be on the page of our personal story, in the end, we’d have a story, nonetheless. The cool thing is that I believe that your story can impact someone. Today. Profoundly.

Somewhere, someone needs to hear your story. How hard you fought. The tears you cried. The victories. The obstacles you climbed. Decisions that were made. Decisions that weren’t made (which really is a decision in and of itself). The celebratory fist-pumps. Chest bumps. High fives.

You have a story.

I have a story.

Mine is still being written, but I have a story. I have both a personal story and a professional story that are very much intertwined with one another. Regarding my Egoscue story, I can without hesitation say it’s a story of pain, hope, pitfalls, determination, faith, hard work and dreams realized. But remember — my story is still being written!

Now it’s your turn.

QUESTION: What’s your story? Feel free to leave your story in the “comments” section below!