Applying a “Dave Ramsey” Quote to Your Health

For those of you not familiar with who Dave Ramsey is, he’s a best-selling author, radio host, television personality, and speaker on all-things financial. He has helped millions of people eliminate debt after eliminating his own debt decades ago. He started his company on a card table in his living room and has now, 20 years later, impacted families all over the world through his debt-elimination curriculum, Financial Peace University. Dave Ramsey’s headquarters, Financial Peace Plaza, is just a stone’s throw from Egoscue Nashville, and I have several friends who work as part of Dave’s team.

I follow DaveThe Dave Ramsey Show, and EntreLeadership–Dave’s source for small businesses–on twitter (you can follow me on Twitter HERE), as they are all excellent sources of information. I would definitely suggest you follow them as well if you aren’t currently.

Today, The Dave Ramsey Show tweeted “Dave’s Daily Tip,” and I wanted to share it with you:


Poor Broke

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That quote got me thinking: Obviously that quote applies to getting out of debt, but I believe it applies to your health as well. If you’re struggling with chronic pain, or any other diagnosis for that matter, do you believe that you’re in “poor” health? Or, are you believing that what you’re going through is fixable? Remember, broken things are fixable things. Your herniated disc, your scoliosis, your degenerative hip, that torn meniscus in your knee–all of those things are changeable conditions. They’re fixable. You’re just passing through.

However, believing that your current condition is the way things will always be, that your biography equals your destiny, believing you are in “poor” health–those are all mindsets, just like Dave says.

As a wrote last week, you have a choice to make when it comes to your health, and I firmly believe that your mindset will determine whether or not your current condition will improve (and whether or not you get out of debt).

So, the question remains: Have you fallen into a mindset about your health, or is your current condition something you’re just passing through?

QUESTION: What do you believe about your current condition or diagnosis?