Egoscue and Chiropractors

ChiroWhen I tell people what I do, I always get a response of, “Oh, so you’re like a chiropractor!” and my answer is always, “Um…not exactly.” As a result, I want to write a short blog post about how Egoscue and chiropractic care compliment each other.

What you won’t hear me say in this post is that one modality is better than the other. Instead, I’ll say that the two modalities work hand-in-hand with each other extremely well. I have no problem referring clients out to any of a handful of chiropractors in my area who I know and trust. If I think (or if you think) you need hands-on work to help expedite getting you pain free, then I’ll send you to a Chiropractor (or a massage therapist, or an A.R.T. practitioner, etc.).

Both Egoscue and your chiropractor share the same belief about your body. A balanced and aligned body is one that is pain free. The chiropractor gets you aligned through manual manipulation (hands-on treatment), while Egoscue gets you aligned via muscle work/activation. The end result of the two modalities should be the same–your body should be better aligned, and your pain should be alleviated.

The menus you get from Egoscue should make your chiropractor’s job easier. By following the truth that your muscles tell your bones what to do, when you incorporate Egoscue (which focuses on the muscles) with chiropractic work (which focuses on the bones) you should find that your chiropractic adjustments hold longer and longer. As a result, your chiropractor shouldn’t have to continually adjust the same areas from visit to visit. By you taking matters into your own hands (by doing your Egoscue menu daily), you might find you become less dependent on your chiropractor, because the more you do your menu, the more your body will hold its position. You can then see your chiropractor on a “maintenance” basis instead of having to seem them multiple times each week. The same is true of Egoscue–you will reach a point with our therapy where you won’t have to be coming in weekly to receive a new menu. Just like with chiropractic care, your body will be holding its position longer.

A good chiropractor will recognize the importance of muscle work accompanying the structural work that they’re doing. If your chiropractor recognizes that fact, then you’ve found a good one and should continue working with them while continuing Egoscue! If they are strictly relying on just skeletal work and ignoring the muscular side of things, you need to ask them why they aren’t addressing the muscular system.

The bottom line is this, while Egoscue and chiropractic work are ultimately different, they do share similarities and can both be used to help you live a pain-free life!

QUESTION: Do you incorporate Egoscue and chiropractic care?