Will 2013 be “Lucky”?

Lucky 13Are you superstitious? Some people are, some people aren’t. As a former baseball player, I was superstitious on the field. For example, I didn’t step on the white lines when running on or off the field, each time up to bat, I made sure I went through the exact same routine before stepping into the batter’s box, and regardless of whether I was getting ready for practice or a game, I would put the pieces of my uniform on in the same order every day. However, off the field, I wasn’t, nor am I to this day, superstitious at all.

However, I know there are folks out there who are very superstitious. I’m sure there are folks out there who believe that 2013 will be an “unlucky” year, but I’m not one of them. In fact, having three boys all born on the 13th of the month, I’m a huge fan of the number 13!

So what if, instead of worrying about how your “luck” will turn out, you focused on those things you can control? Specifically when it comes to your health and your body, there is a lot of control to be had.

It’s crucial to remember that your body is a stimulus-response organism. If you step on a tack (stimulus) you quickly pull your foot up (response). If you lay your hand on a hot burner (stimulus) you quickly realize you’ve made a terrible mistake (response). So, knowing that fact, if we begin to implement exercises to restore the posture of the body (stimulus) your shoulder, back, hip, or knee pain–or whatever type of pain it is you’re dealing with–will alleviate (response). It’s just that simple.

I believe your body can change. I believe your body can heal. I don’t believe you have the back of a 65-year-old, even though you’re only 35. I don’t believe you have “bad knees.” I don’t believe your current condition has anything to do with bad luck, and I don’t believe your improving condition has anything to do with good luck.

I believe there is a divine design of your body. I believe that design is flawless. God didn’t goof up when it came to your low back, your left hip, or your right knee.

So my challenge to you in 2013 is this: Take control of your health. Psalm 139:14 tells us that you are, “fearfully and wonderfully made.” I know when you’re struggling with chronic pain, it’s easy to lose focus of that. This year, instead of reacting to your current condition, take charge. You have a lot of control, and as you begin to take control of your health; you might be surprised just how much your “luck” improves!

QUESTION: Will 2013 be “lucky” or “unlucky” for you?