Joint Mobility vs. Joint Stability

Notice in the picture below how there is an alternating pattern of mobility and stability. The joints highlighted in red should be mobile–they should move freely, and in a big range of motion. The joints highlighted in yellow should be stable and provide a solid basis of support for the surrounding joints. For example, the hip joint is designed to move in multiple direction whereas the knee is designed to flex and extend (Yes, I understand the knee has the ability to move laterally and also rotate somewhat, but when compared to the hip, mid-back, shoulder, etc. it’s a much more stable joint).

Mobility Stability

Is this still true in your body? The vast majority of the time we see that this pattern has flip-flopped. Clients come in and we see that instead of a hip joint moving like it should, it shuts down. It is no longer doing its designed job, and it begins to wear down. In turn, instead of your low back being a stabilizer, it now becomes a primary mover as the body compensates. Again, the lumbar spine is not doing the job it was designed to do. As a result of the hip shutting down, you might herniate a disc, some of you might develop scoliosis, or maybe others receive a diagnosis of spinal stenosis. The compensations set in, and your body is screaming at you that something isn’t right! Yet, the cause of all of these diagnoses has nothing to do with the back. Their cause has everything to do with the hip joint not functioning properly, resulting in the mobility/stabilize pattern being reversed.

How many of you have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder? Notice that the shoulder is a mobile joint–it’s not designed to be frozen! Yet through dysfunctions and compensations its role has changed. Not good!

You have to ensure that all of your joints work like they’re designed. Deviate at all from this mobility/stability pattern, and you’re headed for trouble!

If you’re ready to reestablish the proper mobility/stability pattern in your body, download these 4 Free E-cises, and do them in order and daily. Email me in one week ( and let me know what’s different with your body compared to this week.

QUESTION: Which of your joints do you feel have the mobility/stability pattern reversed?