You Have Two Minutes

TimerI was talking to another health practitioner the other day, and was taken aback by a comment he made in passing. We were talking about our respective practices, and he commented about how busy he is when all of a sudden, he mentioned that, in order to not fall behind he, “can’t spend more than two minutes with each client…”

I was speechless.

I was blown away.

I don’t know why. I’ve heard it before. Heck, I’ve even experienced it. But I was still shocked and saddened that in order to maintain his schedule, he only spends 120 seconds with each client.

I think I speak for all Egoscue clinic owners when I say that you as the client need to speak up in those moments! Forget your health practitioner’s schedule–ask the questions, demand the answers, be 100% certain leaving your health practitioners office that you are completely comfortable and confident in their skills, abilities, and the path they have you on for healing and wholeness.

When you’re a new client of mine, you’ll get at least 90 minutes of my time, if not more. All follow-up appointments typically last an hour or so. But more than that, I know about your kids, your grandkids, where you work, what you like to do for fun, and where you went on vacation. Our time together is important to me. You’re important to me.

It’s unfortunate to know that the health practitioner I talked to doesn’t see it the same way.

QUESTION: Do you feel you have enough time with your health practitioner?