The 5-Most Important Things to do to Eliminate Pain: #1–Egoscue

Today I’m wrapping up my 5-part series on the most important things you need to do to eliminate your pain. This week I’ve blogged about nutrition, hydration, filling your emotional cup with things you enjoy, and movement. You might say I’m a bit biased with today’s topic, and you’d be correct. I’m sure the vast majority of you could see this one coming. It’s just that I think today’s topic is extremely important. If you aren’t sure where I’m going with this, I’ll let the cat out of the bag…

5. Egoscue

PF BookWhile it’s true I’m the Clinic Director of Egoscue Nashville, some of you may not know that I originally came to this Method as a client. It’s true I can’t debate the fact that Egoscue has changed my professional life, but what’s also true is that Egoscue changed my personal life, my overall well-being.

If I had to tell you one thing that Egoscue has given me, my answer would be simple: Egoscue has given me my life back. At the age of 14, I was nothing more than a terrified kid. Now at the age of 34, I lead an extremely active lifestyle, one that I could only dream about 20 years ago. I played Division I college baseball, I’ve completed a marathon, I race in triathlons and adventure races, and I have three young boys that keep me extremely busy! 

This month marks my 18-year anniversary of the first time I set foot in an Egoscue clinic. From the age of 14 until the age of 16 I tried everything but Egoscue. I wore a back brace for six months, tried acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic work, and physical therapy. I even had surgery scheduled. Hear me when I say that ALL of those modalities are excellent. The all played some kind role in my overall recovery. However, the only modality that I felt truly attached the cause of my pain was Egoscue.

If you aren’t familiar with what, exactly, Egoscue is, take a couple minutes and watch this video:



Those are real clients sharing real stories. Like my experience, the one common theme that I hear when listening to those clients is that they are living. Yes, their pain went away. Yes they are golfing again. Yes they were able to prevent surgery. But more than that, they are living again. No longer are they simply existing. That was my story, my world. I was existing.

Looking back at those two years from 14 to 16, I realize that physically, mentally, and emotionally I wasn’t myself. I was scared. I was hurting. I had no idea what “tomorrow” would bring.

Then I found Egoscue.

Egoscue eased my fears. Egoscue eliminated my pain. Egoscue gives me a sense of security that tomorrow will be just fine.

Do you live without fear? Do you live without pain? Do you have peace about how your body will feel, and what you’ll be able to do, tomorrow?

Egoscue will allow you to answer “yes” to all of those questions.

QUESTION: Are you ready to start the healing process?