Top-10 Posts of 2012: #3, “Drink More…Pee Less: The Key to Hydration”

I believe we, as a society, are chronically dehydrated. Yet, I know many of you who are dehydrated are constantly running to the restroom. Every time you drink something you immediately (or almost immediately) have to pee. The #3 post of 2012 will explain exactly why that’s happening and how you can change it.

Pouring water over a dry spongeI’m guessing that title has you a little curious. I’m sure that you’re thinking that by drinking more, you’ll have to urinate more, but that’s not exactly true.

I’m sure that if you were to drink three large glasses of water right now you would, no doubt, have to run to the restroom within the hour. However, it’s not the water’s fault. It’s also not your bladder’s fault. I don’t think you have a “small” bladder or a bladder that has become “over stretched” and therefore can’t function correctly. I believe you’re dehydrated.

The majority of us are thinking about the bladder incorrectly. We are thinking of it as a bowl (a holding compartment) rather than a membrane (something that is designed to be saturated and lubricated).


QUESTION: After reading this post, how much water will you drink today?