Top-10 Posts of 2012: #4, “A Cure for Runner’s Knee”

Again, this is a post that is still extremely popular, despite it originally being posted two years ago. It’s popular because so many of you runners have been diagnosed with “Runner’s Knee.” I’m sure you’ve been told that your knee pain is due to age, milage, or perhaps your shoes, but in reality none of those things are the cause. I hope that if you’ve been given one of those reasons, you’ve realized that if those things were to blame both knees should be hurting equally.

If you’ve questioned your diagnosis and wondered what the actual cause of your injury is, then this post is for you!

Runner's KneeI’ve always been intrigued by conditions that are “linked” to an activity such as Golfer’s Elbow, Tennis Elbow, and Runner’s Knee. I think those conditions are giving way too little credit to the body (and way too much credit to the activity) in terms of what it is capable of doing.  Your body is designed to run, jump, climb, skip and crawl, not to mention a myriad of other motions and movements.  I believe by blaming the activity we are conveniently creating a scape goat that lets our body get out of doing something it was designed to do.

My point here is that I don’t think the activities are to blame.  And IF they are, then that means we have to assume a few things.


QUESTION: Have you been diagnosed with an injury that is believed to be activity-related?