Top-10 Posts of 2012: #6, “The Body is AMAZING”

Despite the fact that this post is nearly three years old, it has still ended up on the Top-10 list this year. I get asked all the time if cartilage can regenerate. Chances are, if you’re wondering this same thing it’s because you’ve been told that it doesn’t. Perhaps this post will change your thinking about cartilage the way it has so many of our clients!

Knee x-rays beforeWe see clients suffering from all types of chronic pain. Knees, however, seem to be a consistent symptom. For a lot of clients, their cartilage is wearing away. They are told they need a knee replacement, and they usually walk in our doors hoping to ‘delay the inevitable’. Their knee is bone-on-bone, they get an x-ray to confirm the doc’s hunch (now we have proof!) and there’s no other choice but to get a new joint, because, after all, you can’t regrow cartilage. A knee replacement is the client’s ‘health destiny’, and the sooner they realize that, the sooner they’ll get back to daily activities after they have it replaced. Sounds typical, right? Perhaps you’ve even had the talk with your orthopedic surgeon.

When Pete released Pain Free back in the early 90s, he made the claim that you can regrow cartilage and took a LOT of heat for saying so. Everyone thought he was crazy and dismissed his theory. If you don’t have a copy of Pain Free, here is what he has to say on page 107:

As for the ‘irreversible’ cartilage loss…


QUESTION: What are your thoughts on cartilage regeneration after reading this?