Top-10 Blog Posts of 2012: #9, “Dr. Paul Christo Interviews Pete Egoscue”

If you missed Pete Egoscue’s interview with Dr. Paul Christo, former director of the Blaustein Pain Treatment Center at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, you need to check it out! There is a TON of great info in this interview, which comes in at #9 on our Top-10 list in 2012!

I always enjoy hearing Pete talk about the Method. Even after being around him on and off since 1995, it never gets old. He’s at it again in his latest interview with Dr. Paul Christo.

According to Dr. Christo’s website:

Dr. Christo is one of America’s leading experts on relieving acute and chronic pain. For 8 years, he directed the Multidisciplinary Pain Fellowship Training Program and for 5 years the Blaustein Pain Treatment Center at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the foremost medical centers in the world. He and a team of specialists help patients overcome the agony of back pain, cancer pain, persistent shingles pain, operations, thoracic outlet syndrome, and a wide variety of other conditions.

Dr. Christo is a board certified, Harvard-trained anesthesiologist…



QUESTION: What was your main takeaway from Pete’s interview?