Wake Up Awesome

I wanted to share a story with you that might change your outlook on your current diagnosis. It’s a lesson that my two-year-old taught me just a few days ago.

The week before Thanksgiving, both of my older boys contracted a virus. Both were running high fevers and had horrible coughs. The virus hung around for about five days and then it was gone, but in the midst of it, there were some scary times for me and my. At one point, my two-year-old had a temperature of 103.6 degrees. Not good

One night I was putting my boys to bed, and we were saying our prayers. I was praying that their fevers would break and that they would wake up feeling better, when my two-year-old stopped me mid-sentence and said, “No daddy, I want to wake up awesome.”

How’s that for perspective? How many times have you hoped and prayed that you would get “better,” and that your current situation would improve? I know I sure did when I was diagnosed with a bulging disc at the age of 14. All I wanted to be was “better.” Thinking of waking up “awesome” never even crossed my mind! In that one simple sentence, my son taught me so much.

When dealing with your pain or diagnosis, do you want to simply be “better,” or do you want to be “awesome”? Obviously, I think I know the answer. We all want to be awesome, I just don’t think enough of us aim for awesome. I know I didn’t.

So here’s my challenge to you: Strive to wake up awesome!

QUESTION: Are you wanting to be “better” or “awesome”?