Are You Happy?

Well…are you? Generally speaking, are you a happy person? I’m not asking to be intrusive. Actually, I don’t even need to know your answer. I simply want to get you thinking.

I have another question for you: Do you suffer from chronic pain–back pain, knee pain, hip pain, migraines, etc.?

For those of you who answered “yes” to both questions, let me bug you with one last question: Do you think your unhappiness and your pain are connected?

There’s a reason I’m asking, and you might very well know where I’m headed with this. As you might have guessed, I believe the two are connected, and I want to share a story with you that might help you see the connection.

Check out this email I received from another Clinic Director last week:

One of our clients just came in, while she was waiting for her therapist to finish up with a client I was talking to her. She’s probably in her early 70s, started (Egoscue) about 4-5 weeks ago. Was in a lot of pain but is feeling a lot better. Anyway, she looks at me with the loveliest smile and says “as I was driving to my appointment this morning, I realized I was happy for the first time in a year and a half.  I’m giving your brochures to EVERYONE I know.”

How cool that we can not only help people’s pain, but we can help them reconnect at such a deep level with themselves. Huge thanks to Pete for giving us the opportunity to be able to be of this kind of service to people.

I agree–how cool, indeed! And a very huge “THANK YOU!” to Pete for giving us the opportunity to impact people’s lives. As this client was eliminating her pain, she was also discovering happiness all over again!

But I have to tell you…there’s more to this story. I received a follow-up email from that same Clinic Director a couple days ago:

When I told the therapist what her client said to me, the therapist asked if I knew why her client said it was 18 months since she’d felt any happiness, if I knew what was significant about that number. I didn’t. She said “because it was 18 months ago that her son died.”


Think of the burden this woman was carrying on her back and in her spirit. And by our therapist being present with her, and then using the Method to help the woman slow down and actually be present with herself, it gave her the building blocks to begin healing at MULTIPLE levels.

So very, very cool.

I love hearing stories like this! I love that this client is changing her overall health, not just ridding herself of joint pain. The story she will tell from this day forward will be one of hope and empowerment, rather than one of misfortune and imprisonment. To echo what that Clinic Director said, “So very, very cool.”

So, again, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you unhappy?

Are you struggling with chronic pain?

Do you believe the two are connected?

Before you mentally (or verbally) blurt out your answer, I want to challenge you to really think about how your answers to these questions. Answer them honestly, and you might find there’s more to your pain than just muscles and bones.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the mind/body connection?