The Truth About Steroid Injections

For years folks have turned to steroid injections to alleviate sciatica pain. As it turns out, those injections might not be very beneficial. According to a new review of old data (yes–this info has been around for some time), when comparing the long-term impact of those who had the injections compared to those who didn’t, there seemed to be no noticeable difference in the patient’s symptom.

Analyzing results from nearly two dozen clinical trials on thousands of patients, Australian researchers found that epidural injections (into the spine) of corticosteroids had no long- or short-term effect on sciatica back pain, and such a small short-term effect on leg pain it would make no difference to the patient.

“I think it’s pretty clear that this treatment is not good to do,” said Chris Maher, of The George Institute for Global Health in Sydney, Australia, who worked on the study.

I know some of you have had injections and they worked wonders. I also know some of you had injections and saw no benefit or change whatsoever.

For a lot of our clients, steroid injections have allowed their symptoms to alleviate, at least short-term, so that we can actually do therapy. Many folks are hurting so badly that they just can’t find a comfortable position that will allow our therapists to implement any e-cises. In instances like that, it’s possible that an injection can play a big role in the overall healing process. However, even if you feel better after the injection, there are some definite risks involved with getting shot up.

In the event you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of months, you need to know there has been huge fungal meningitis outbreak associated with tainted doses of steroids. Nearly 400 people have contracted meningitis and 31 people have died! Scary, scary stuff! If you’re choosing to get injected PLEASE make sure you know where the clinic gets their steroid supply! And even if you don’t end up in the hospital with meningitis you still need to know how cortisone impacts your body.

Whether you choose to have an injection or not, just remember that the underlying cause of the pain needs to be addressed. The injection is merely treating the symptom. When you’re ready to tackle the cause of your pain download these 4 Free E-cises!

QUESTION: Have you had an injection? What was your experience?