Improve Your Golf Swing Without Touching a Club: The Secret Revealed

I posted an article earlier this week about knee pain that was written for Today I want to share another one I wrote for for you golfers out there. If you’re looking to improve your game, you might be missing a key element. Check out this article to find out the secret:

Golf Swing

You’re standing on the tee-box, driver in hand, ready to hit the best shot of your life, all while hoping to find your ball again afterwards. Sound familiar?

For most golfers, being ready to execute the perfect shot doesn’t always mean they’re actually able to. But I know for a fact that all golfers, no matter what level they’re at, are ready to improve their golf swing and overall game.

The Missing Link

When trying to improve their swing, players usually lean on things like buying new clubs, spending hours at the driving range, and taking innumerable lessons from an instructor. One major thing you aren’t addressing will put an end to all that. Focusing on this one thing will not only banish your pre-swing worries, it will eliminate the need for new clubs and cut down on your driving range time. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. That missing link, that one thing, is…


QUESTION: What is your biggest frustration with your golf swing?