Common Causes of Knee Pain

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Here’s an article I wrote on knee pain:

Runner's Knee

Medical conditions linked to activities, like Golfer’s Elbow, Tennis Elbow and Runner’s Knee, are intriguing. The human body is designed to perform an abundance of motions and movements, so blaming an activity for elbow or knee pain creates a convenient scapegoat for not doing what our bodies were meant to do.

Have you ever approached the starting line of a 5K race or a marathon and been overcome with fear because you experienced knee pain on your last few training runs. The discomfort wasn’t really bad, but you got it checked out. The diagnosis: Runner’s Knee.

You were probably told that you increased your mileage too quickly, ran too much every week, or simply need new shoes. But are those things really responsible? I’m pretty sure both knees ran the same number of miles, increased their mileage at the same time, and that both feet wore the same shoes.


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QUESTION: What have you been told about your Runner’s Knee diagnosis?