What Are You Afraid of?

Today’s Halloween, and as I write this I’m thinking about all the ghouls and goblins I’ll see tonight when trick-or-treating with my boys. I’m sure my boys will be scared by something they see tonight. They’ll see some adult dressed up like a serial killer and want to walk on the other side of the street. However, as they grow older, they realize that perception isn’t always reality. That scary man with a mask on is simply that: a scary man with a mask on. He’s not really a serial killer with a chainsaw.

I’m sure some of you dealing with chronic pain are scared, too. I know I was. My perception as a 14-year-old with a bulging disc was that I was broken and forever relegated to a life filled with pain and suffering.

But perception wasn’t reality. 

You’ve been told that your current condition will be your healthy destiny. Your past equals your future. Your history is your biography.

But perception isn’t reality.

Your body can heal. Your body can change. I saw a client last week with seven…YES, SEVEN…bulging discs. He actually cancelled surgery to come see us at Egoscue Nashville. He walked in to our clinic in intense pain. He walked out with barely any pain, and more importantly…no fear. And just this morning his surgeon called and wants to visit the clinic to see exactly what it is that we do.

For a lot of you with a similar condition as my client, the perception is that a client with seven bulging discs has no hope. He’s out of options.

The reality is that those seven bulging discs are simply the body’s way of alerting the client that something is (majorly) off with his posture. The reality is that your pain is no different. Whether it’s back pain, knee pain, hip pain, or some other type of pain, the reality is that you can heal.

Remember, perception isn’t reality.

QUESTION: What’s your perception of your current condition? What’s the reality of the situation?