The Golf House gets a Patch Obstacle Course!

We had the privilege of donating an Indoor/Outdoor Patch Obstacle Course to The Golf House of Tennessee last Friday, and let me just say…it was a HUGE success!

If you aren’t familiar with The Golf House (TGH), it is a non-profit whose mission is to grow a love for golf in our younger generation. Stats show that every years 3,000,000 people take up the game of golf, but 3,000,000 people also leave the game. The Golf House has about 1,500 kids come through their Junior Golf Academy annually. They are impacting kids of all ages in a positive way with an ultimate goal to decrease the number of golfers who leave the game.

Our goal with the Patch is to get kids (and adults) moving in a way that normally just doesn’t happen. Our younger generation is extremely sedentary, and if that trend continues, their bodies will break down sooner rather than later. It’s a recipe for disaster. By working on the Patch with these Junior Golfers, we impacted their musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system in just a matter of minutes. They were pumped to be climbing all over the Patch, and to be honest, didn’t want to stop! When’s the last time your child wanted to continue working out? The Patch is the perfect combination of work, sweat, and smiles!

If you’d like to have a Patch donated to your school or non-profit, email us at or call the clinic at 615.771.8556. We’d love to help!

Check out some of the pictures from the event: