Yoga at Work Decreases Stress & Back Pain

I think all of us would agree that we spend way too much time sitting on a daily basis. Whether it’s at our desk or at home, we have, unfortunately, become pretty sedentary. If you are anything like my other clients, you feel tethered to your desk because of the amount of work that’s on your plate. I have blogged about a healthy work environment before, and even joined Egoscue Austin Clinic Director Rick Mathes on his radio show to discuss the topic.

If you are familiar with Egoscue at all, then it should come as no surprise that if you’re looking to eliminate pain and increase your energy level while at work, you need to get up and move throughout your day (CLICK HERE to download Four Free E-Cises to balance out your body). A recent study has suggested you try yoga over your lunch break, according to an article

The study involved 74 British government workers ages 25 to 64 who said they experienced stress and back pain that was somewhat bothersome. Participants were randomly assigned to practice either eight weeks of yoga, or no yoga.

People in the yoga group took part in a 50-minuteyoga classonce a week, either at lunchtime or after work. They could also practice yoga at home twice a week for 20 minutes using a DVD.

All participants completed questionnaires designed to assess back pain, stress levels and overall well-being.

At the beginning of the study, 10 people in the yoga group and eight in the control group said they had back pain. At the end of the study, just four participants in the yoga group reported back pain, compared to 13 in the control group.

In addition, participants in the yoga group had reported lower levels of stress and less sadness at the study’s end, compared with those in the control group.

Of course, I completely agree with these findings! Our body is designed to move. If we stop moving, we are shutting down a very fundamental and necessary trait of our body. The phrase “use it or lose it” is extremely accurate when it comes to the human body. So do yourself a favor: Stand up! Move! You’ll thank yourself for it.

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QUESTION: What do you do throughout your day to keep moving?