Asking a Different Question

How many of you are hoping and praying for a diagnosis? You want someone to tell you what’s wrong with your body so you can begin your journey back to living pain-free. If you could only be told that you have a torn rotator cuff, spinal stenosis, or a degenerative hip, life would be easier. If you had some sort of name for your pain, some sort of label, you would have a starting point. You’re frustratedly asking, “What’s wrong with me?!” and by getting a diagnosis, you’re sure to have your answer…right?

Not so fast…

I believe there’s a paradigm shift that needs to happen. Instead of asking, “What’s wrong with me?”, I believe we need to start asking, “What’s my body trying to tell me?”

Remember, pain is the only way your body has to communicate with you. Pain isn’t to be feared, ignored, or masked. Pain is to be interpreted. Just like the illuminated “Check Engine” light in your car isn’t the underlying problem, neither is your diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff, spinal stenosis, or degenerative hip. The “Check Engine” light is simply an indicator designed to get your attention. That light has one job: send you an alert that something larger is happening. Your pain is no different. You have to listen to your body. Your condition is letting you know that “something larger is happening.” It’s crucial that you use your diagnosis only as a starting point, rather than an ending point.

“What’s wrong with me?” speaks to the current condition.

“What’s my body trying to tell me?” speaks to why that condition is happening.

You’ll begin the healing process once you answer the “why.

QUESTION: What’s your body trying to tell YOU?