Back (Pain) to Basics

You’ve gotten the diagnosis, and you’re freaking out. Perhaps you have a herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis, scoliosis, or the ever-dreaded degenerative disc disease. Life as you know it is over…right? You’re never going to be the same, and your diagnosis has now become your “health destiny.”

I’m hear to tell you that that’s not necessarily the case, that life isn’t over at all. You have to remember that those of you who have been given a diagnosis have yet to learn why your particular condition actually happened. Why did the disc herniate? Why do you have a 47 degree scoliotic curve? Why do you have a “disease” in your discs? To fully understand your condition and what needs to happen for you to heal, it’s critical that we answer the “why”.

You may feel unqualified to answer the “why.” Perhaps you assume that because you don’t know much about the muscles and bones of your body, the answers will be WAY over your head. But, what if the answers were simple? What if there was one answer for all of those questions? One reason why you are struggling with your current condition. That’s what I’m proposing today.

To me, the answer is simple. The reason why you’re dealing with low back pain is due to your pelvic position. Simply put, your pelvis is out of alignment and your low back is getting hammered with every movement you do. Take a look at this picture:



If your pelvic position looks anything like the middle picture or the picture on the right, you’re in trouble. Let’s do a quick test to see what your pelvis is doing. Stand sideways to a mirror with shorts or pants on with either your shirt off or tucked in. What is your waist line/belt line doing? Is it tilting up like the middle picture (a posterior pelvic tilt)? Tilting down like the picture on the right (an anterior pelvic tilt)? If so, there’s your answer. Your pelvis isn’t positioned properly, and therefore, not functioning properly. Your pelvis can’t do the job it is designed to do and is asking your low back to help out. The pain you’re experiencing in your low back is simply your body’s way of alerting you that the pelvis is misaligned. Simple! Fix the pelvic position, and you’ll fix the pain!

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QUESTION: What position is your pelvis in?