How to Play Better Golf

We at Egoscue work with a LOT of golfers, including one I’m sure you’re familiar with, Jack Nicklaus. An Egoscue client since 1988, Nicklaus wrote the forward to Pete Egoscue’s book, The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion. I love what he has to say about Egoscue and the body in general:

Pete Egoscue has changed my life. I have been to many specialists around the world, and yes, a few enabled me to achieve some marginal and temporary relief from pain. But never had I experienced such complete relief as I have by following the Egoscue Method. Pete gets results, without pills, manipulation, or a surgeon’s scalpel. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts here; it just takes hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, many golfers seem to think that back pain or physical problems are inherent to the game. In fact, it seems that most athletes, whatever their sport, think that getting hurt and playing with pain are facts of life. I know that is not true from working with Pete and seeing the results he has achieved, not only with me but with many others as well.

I think it’s pretty cool that Mr. Nicklaus shared his “ah-ha” moment with us. Contrary to popular belief and what he had been told, he did NOT have to hurt (and neither do you) when playing golf. What an eye-opening experience for him. Through his hard work over the course of a few months, he completely eliminated his pain. There’s no reason you can’t do the same thing.

While I don’t play golf as often as I’d like, I really enjoy working with golfers and am certified as a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level I Golf Fitness Instructor. I have worked with golfers on the PGA Champions Tour, The Nationwide Tour, LPGA Futures Tour, former members of the LPGA tour, as well as collegiate and high-school golfers. I’m happy to report that we’ve gotten amazing results with all of them. With TPI, we are able to screen our golfers and determine what their golf swing looks like without even seeing them swing a club. No, I’m not a mind-reader. I’m a function guy. If I see dysfunction in your body, I know exactly how that translates to your golf swing. Are you a right-handed golfer whose right hip isn’t loading properly during a squat test? Chances are you lose your posture (stand up out of your stance) and come into a reverse spine position (shoulders/spine tilted toward the target instead of away from it) at the apex of your backswing. The result is most likely low back pain or shoulder pain as those two areas are asked to do more work than they’re designed to do during that motion.

I think it’s safe to say that there are a lot of moving parts in a golf swing. The body moves on multiple planes, and it’s crucial that all those planes are moving in harmony with each other! With Egoscue, we combine the TPI screening process with our function-restoring e-cises to create a much more efficient, PAIN FREE golf swing, just like Pete Egoscue did with Jack Nicklaus. Remember, your body is similar to your car. If you have a bald tire, you wouldn’t simply want your mechanic to just change the tire. You would want him to get to the root cause of that balding tire, which we both know is the alignment. Your body is no different. The wear and tear of your joints isn’t golf’s fault, and it’s not due to old age, it’s due to misalignment. Eliminate the cause, and you’ll eliminate the pain.

Are you ready to golf pain free like Jack Nicklaus? Are you ready to create a more efficient golf swing? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, let’s find out what Egoscue can do to help. You can reach us by phone at 615.771.8556 or via email at If you aren’t in the Nashville area, that’s ok! I work with golfers all over the world via Skype. We can get you the help you need without you ever having to leave your house! To play better golf, you have to get your body balanced. When you do, the game will become a LOT easier and MUCH more fun to play!

QUESTION: What’s your biggest frustration with your golf swing?