3 Generations of Triathletes

I love when Egoscue clients are in the news! Check out this story about my client, Krista. She, along with her mom, her sisters, and their kids will all compete in the Girls Tri It On Triathlon in Nashville on August 18th. Krista (and the whole gang), we at Egoscue are so stinkin’ proud of you! I love that you are inspiring the next generation to be active and healthy. I also love that your mom, who happens to be 67 years YOUNG, has decided that she isn’t too old to try new things. What’s that old saying about an “old” dog and “new” tricks? You ladies are truly inspiring! Keep swimming, biking, and running all the way to total health.

If you are a female and are thinking about doing a triathlon, DO THIS ONE. It’s a great starter distance. It’s a 200 m pool swim (you can stand up in the middle of the lane if you need to!), an 8 km bike (which is just under 5 miles), and a 2 km run (about 1.25 miles). If you think you can’t do it, I’ll tell you this: The mind will give up LONG before the body will. You’ll hear yourself say that you can’t do it and that it’s time to give up. However, your body will push you through to the finish line. My wife did her first one a couple of years ago, and I was so proud of her. You can do it, too. Remember, Krista’s mom is 67–are you ready to tell me YOUR excuse?

Photo: The Tennessean

Grandma Darin will be doing her first triathlon next month.

But she won’t be alone.

That same day, three of her daughters and four of her granddaughters also will attempt their first triathlons, making Aug. 18 a true family fitness challenge for the Darin family.

Trying adventurous things together isn’t new for this crew. In the late ’90s, the Darin sisters signed a record deal and moved from their Southern California home to Nashville, performing as Christian pop/R&B group The Darins. With their dad driving their motor home and their mom selling CDs and photos, the family toured the United States.

Now, those sisters have daughters of their own, and together with their mom, (Grandma) Marcia, the group will compete in a pair of triathlons designed to inspire women and kids to be active.

And while being active as a family is new and exciting for the Darin group, there has been other motivation along the way.

Seeing 67-year-old Marcia Darin embracing the challenge has been inspiring to her daughters and, as moms and aunts, serving as role models for the young girls in the group is a significant opportunity.

Of course, experiencing the event together will be unforgettable.

“I am looking forward to lots of pictures and a lot of memories to talk about — hopefully for years to come,” Marcia Darin said.

Inspiration amid perspiration

The women didn’t come up with this idea alone. Brian Lord, who is the father of two of the little girls and husband of one of the mothers in the group, is an active triathlete and member of the Brentwood Endurance Athletic Team.

He inspired the young girls — Sydney, Samantha, Brooklyn and Maiya — to do a duathlon, which is biking and running. When Maiya’s mom, Stacy Darin Zepeda, asked the 7-year-old if she wanted to add swimming and try a triathlon, Maiya responded, “I’ll do a triathlon, if you’ll do one, Mommy.”

The 39-year-old mom couldn’t say no, and, one by one, her sisters and nieces signed on.

That left only the matriarch, Marcia, to join. After realizing she would be allowed to stand up occasionally during the pool swim, that she could ride a beach cruiser instead of having to buy a fancy triathlon bike and that she could walk the “run” portion of the event, she agreed to sign up.

The adults in the group will participate in Team Magic’s Girls Tri It On Nashville triathlon — a brand-new women’s-only event designed for beginning triathletes. The youngsters will attempt the Vaco Brentwood Kids Triathlon, happening later that same morning.

Lord has helped with the training, emailing the swimming, biking and running schedules to the women and girls. The family has been taking trips to the pool and to the park to ride bikes, run around and go for walks.

Lord has been particularly pleased with how Marcia Darin has taken to training.

“I’m almost having to hold her back from doing too much,” he said. “It’s fun having her be able to be more active with the grandkids and just take pride in being more fit.”

Rachelle Darin agrees. The third Darin sister in age, 36-year-old Rachelle is the most focused on endurance sports. She got into long-distance running last year, participating in the 200-mile Ragnar Relay the first week of November. She completed her first half marathon just a week later, and then her first marathon at the Nashville Country Music Marathon in April.

But swimming is not her strong suit. So, when she heads to the pool with her mom for 45-minute sessions, “there is a lot of laughing going on in the pool,” Rachelle said. There also is bonding between the two women, who share their swim struggles together.

“I am extremely, extremely proud of her,” Rachelle said of her mom. “I would never in a million years think she would be accomplishing something like this, and to see her push through the difficult days is inspiring.

“Her heart’s desire is to live life to the fullest and live a healthy life. I feel honored and privileged to be part of her journey in this story.”

Support group

The feeling is mutual between all the Darin women.

Though Krista Darin Lord and her sisters were all-state soccer players in California, they gave that up to pursue their music career. Then Krista became a mom.

Since then, the 40-year-old has done some 5Ks and experienced how it inspires her children — Brooklyn, 6, and Sydney, 5.

“The girls love crossing the finish line,” Krista Lord said. “That is motivation.”

Now they are motivating each other. At the pool on the Fourth of July, Sydney did the backstroke.

“We said, ‘Good job, baby, you are training for your triathlon,’ ” Krista Lord recalled. In the neighborhood, Brooklyn does one-mile runs with her dad. “He loves to encourage the girls like that,” Krista said.

He also loves to encourage his wife.

“For me, it’s cool to see Krista rediscover that she’s an athlete,” Brian Lord said. “Not that anyone is ‘just’ a mom or ‘just’ a wife, of course, but it’s great for her to see that she can accomplish something as crazy as a triathlon.”

And that family support is what this experience is all about.

“We rally up as a team and as a family,” Rachelle Darin said. “It’s kind of neat to watch the two paralleled next to each other. It’s important to have some sort of team around you whatever you are doing in life and set a goal and achieve that goal.”

And what better team than your family?

QUESTION: What has this family’s story inspired YOU to do?