Alzheimer’s Linked to Gait

This article is fascinating! Check this out–Five studies presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference provided overwhelming evidence that there is a link between those suffering from cognitive issues and irregular gait patterns. According to the article in the NY Times:

Thinking skills like memory, planning activities or processing information decline almost in parallel with the ability to walk fluidly, these studies show.

In other words, the more trouble people have walking, the more trouble they have thinking.

“Changes in walking may predate actually observable cognitive changes in people who are on their way to developing dementia,” said Molly Wagster, chief of the National Institute on Aging’s behavioral and systems neuroscience branch. Experts said the studies could lead to developing a relatively simple tool that doctors could use to forecast, if not diagnose, possible Alzheimer’s disease.

This is a game changer, folks. From the Egoscue perspective, we analyze gait on a daily basis. You can bet I’ll be dialed in that much more when working with clients who I feel might have cognitive impairment. I would definitely encourage you to read the entire article. And, keep a look out for your loved ones and report any unusual changes in how they walk!

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on these recent studies?