NIH to Study Seau’s Brain

A couple of months ago, the Egoscue community lost a family member when Junior Seau committed suicide. It was a sad, sad day for all involved, and I still can’t believe he’s gone.

It came out today that the National Institute of Health will study tissue from Seau’s brain to determine if football played a role in causing long-term damage.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Tissue from the brain of former San Diego Chargers star Junior Seau, who committed suicide in May, has been sent to the National Institutes of Health for study amid growing concerns over the long-term effects of football-relatedhead injuries.

The brain sample was sent to the NIH, the U.S. government’s primary biomedical research institution, at the request of Seau’sfamily members…[CONTINUE READING]

My prayer is that Seau’s family will find out something that puts them at ease. I can’t imagine the grief they are still struggling with, and I hope this examination brings them closure and comfort.