The NEW Way to Prep for the NFL

Ever heard of “Puke Hill”? If not, you’re lucky. Let’s just say it’s appropriately named. Think of the longest, steepest hill you’ve ever seen. Now sprint up it. Or carry someone piggy-back style up it. Or bear crawl up it. Just don’t puke.

For decades, thousands of NFL players have tested their mettle week in and week out during the season. They have also put their bodies to the test during their off-season workouts. A select group, some of the best of the best–John Lynch, Junior Seau, and Brian Urlacher to name a few–have tested themselves physically and mentally. They have attempted to not let Puke Hill get the best of them.

Puke Hill is just one facet of the Egoscue Method athletics program. The basic premise behind our athletics program is “functional” fitness. If you’ve been around the Method at all, or been reading this blog for any length of time, you will probably recognize it by its more familiar name: Patch Fitness.

You can add Justin Tuck and Steve Weatherford of the NY Giants to the list of NFL players who realize the importance of getting functional and strong. This off-season they, along with former San Diego Chargers’ punter John Carney, are testing their bodies and pushing the limits. Tuck and Weatherford are prepping for the upcoming season by doing Egoscue and Patch Fitness workouts. Here’s a sneak peek into a workout they did last week. The last two pictures show them adding the ViPR in to their workout.

Anyone up for some side- and front-bear crawls uphill? Tuck is showing Weatherford the way.

Carney in all black, second from the left. Tuck in the green Notre Dame shirt. Weatherford in the blue shirt on the far right.

Photo: Steve Weatherford’s Twitter account: @weatherford5

QUESTION: Who’s ready to get tackled by Justin Tuck or try and return a punt with Steve Weatherford standing between you and the goal line?