Your Knee Pain is Because You’re Fat…or Maybe Not

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the most ridiculous knee-pain article I had ever seen. Sadly, that was before I read about the latest study coming out of Australia. Here are the first two lines from the article on

People who put on weight are more likely to develop knee pain than those who stay the same or lose weight, says a new study.

People who shed pounds saw only a modest improvement in knee pain, however, researchers from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, found.

Does anyone else find those two lines blatantly contradicting If not, let me sum it up for you: Your knee hurts because you’re fat, however if you lose the weight, you’ll still have knee pain. Hello! You can’t be fat with pain AND skinny with pain, and blame the pain on weight. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Wake up, folks.

Please hear me, this isn’t a knock on those of you who struggle with your weight. Honestly I don’t care if you’re overweight or underweight. I don’t even care where your pain is. I want to know why you have pain, and this study did absolutely nothing to answer that question. We at Egoscue believe that you have pain because your posture is off. Simply put, your body is out of balance. When balance is restored, your pain will be alleviated, and it doesn’t matter if you weight 500 pounds or 50 pounds.

Consider this: What do people who want to lose weight do? They exercise. Think about it, if you exercise to lose weight, then if you don’t exercise, (there’s at least a chance) you’ll gain weight, right? I would venture to guess that the vast majority of those folks in the study struggle with pain because they aren’t moving, not because they gained wait as a side effect of that choice. They have shut down a very innate, necessary part of their daily life. The body needs motion. If we ignore this need by sitting around all day, compensation sets in. Then when we finally decide to get off the couch, it hurts because the body doesn’t remember how to move functionally and efficiently. Pete Egoscue wrote about it in his book, Pain Free:

All of the body’s systems, i.e. digestive, immune, and so on are interrelated. The common thread that binds them together is movement. The faster the molecules of the body move the higher the metabolic rate. The higher the metabolic rate the healthier the human being becomes.

We are designed to run, jump, and climb, fall and skip and this activity is necessary not just for initial development but for continued health throughout our lives. If these activities hurt or cause pain it is because we are violating some or all of the laws of health.

Remember the post I wrote about the body’s natural pain killer? If not, go back and read it. The body has a built-in pain fighter, but in order to access it…you have to MOVE. If you have pain, you’re either not moving, or not moving functionally and efficiently like you should be. Either way, I’m sure it’s frustrating you that you aren’t operating at 100%. If you’re looking to get going again and reintroduce motion into your daily activities but you want to make sure you’re pain free when doing so, we need to get you balanced first. You can begin the balancing process by downloading 4 Free E-cises here.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the latest study?