The Injury Mystery

It seems the San Diego Padres have a mystery on their hands. They don’t know why they, and the vast majority of Major League Baseball teams, are getting hit so hard by injuries. A recent article in the San Diego Union Tribune highlighted the so-called “epidemic.” The problem has Padres manager Bud Black stumped:

“It’s puzzling,” said Padres manager Bud Black.

“Players today are bigger, stronger and faster in all sports than they have ever been before. Players are more dedicated than ever to conditioning. Yet injuries seem to be increasing. It’s contradictory.

“We’re all trying to figure it out. I’ve talked to other managers. I’ve been in five organizations. We’re all basically doing the same thing. No one is reinventing the wheel out there when it comes to training or medical programs.

“I don’t know what is going on.”

Black follows with a rhetorical question.

“Are we doing too much? Are we overtraining? I don’t know. Players are working harder than ever. And the injuries go. Are players too tight? Are they too strong … are you more susceptible to a strain or a pull if you are trained to perfection … I don’t know.”

I’m not trying to sound arrogant or cocky, but I know. I know exactly what’s happening. Players today are bigger, stronger and faster, but they’re also incredibly more dysfunctional. Athletes are bringing dysfunctional bodies to their workouts. The more they train, the more their body begins to compensate. The more they compensate, the more inefficient they become through their movements. The more inefficient they are in their movements, the more susceptible they are to injury. It’s a pretty simple equation: Dysfunction = Injury. 

Black added that they’re all trying to figure out the “why” to the injuries. The “why” lies in the body that’s coming to the workout, not the workout itself. If we stay focused on the position of the body and fix that first, injuries will exponentially diminish. As we at Egoscue like to say: Straighten, then strengthen. You can’t afford to do it the other way around, and worse, you can’t afford to completely ignore the “straighten” aspect. That’s exactly what has happened to this point, and it’s obviously not working. Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Have those associated with Major League Baseball gone insane? It would appear that way.

QUESTION: What’s your take on the injury epidimic?