The Incredible Journey of Arthur Boorman

If you think you’re helpless. If you think you’re broken. If you think you’re done living. If you think you history equals your future. If you’ve believed the lies.

Let me introduce you to Arthur Boorman. Arthur is a war veteran. A paratrooper, to be exact, whose countless jumps left him with debilitating back and knee pain and a “lifetime sentence” of never being able to walk without the assistance of a walker or cane.

I’m sure many of you reading this can relate to Arthur’s story. You’ve been told that you’re never going to be the same. Your current condition is your health destiny. And you should get used to the daily routine of pain and limitations.

My hope is that even if you have heard something similar, your story will end like Arthur’s will. You see, Arthur wouldn’t accept that he was helpless, broken or done living. He didn’t believe that his history equaled his future. He didn’t believe the lies. 

What an amazing lesson we can ALL learn from Arthur. His is a good reminder that the body has an amazing ability to change!

Check out Arthur’s transformation:



QUESTION: What will you do TODAY to change your future?