An Uphill Battle to Reach the NFL

I had the privilege of working with two players last year who were training for the NFL Draft, Kyle Adams (who signed with the Chicago Bears) and Clint Boling (who was drafted in the 4th round by the Cincinnati Bengals).

This year, I worked with former Northwestern quarterback, Dan Persa. Dan is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever been around. It’s a good thing, because he definitely has an uphill battle in his attempt to make an NFL roster. As with any quarterback who isn’t one of the top handful of guys at the top of the list, there are questions about his size and arm strength. Scouts and team General Managers wonder if he’ll be able to stick at quarterback in the NFL. Many teams are looking at him to play other positions–special teams, defensive back, receiver–because he’s extremely quick and has great football instincts.

In addition to being questioned about his size and arm strength, Dan is also still trying to get back to 100% from a torn Achilles he suffered in the 2010 season:



Not only did Dan tear his Achilles, but he also tore his calf muscle (on the same side) twice during rehab! I first met Dan at D1 Sports Training here in Franklin this last February. I was talking with an A.R.T practitioner at D1 while both of us were watching Dan run. The A.R.T. practitioner noticed that “something wasn’t right” with Dan’s gait. I noticed that his right hip wasn’t functioning properly and he was rotating a LOT in his upper body when he walked. His body was compensating BIG TIME from the Achilles tear about 18 months prior. I gave Dan three e-cises, right then and there, asked him to run again, and his gait had completely changed. The A.R.T. practitioner looked at me, noticing something was totally different, and said, “What did you just do?”

I started seeing Dan once a week after that, and continue to see him via Skype now that he’s back home getting ready for training camp with whichever team he ends up with. He’s made huge improvements. His right hip continues to gain function while his upper-body rotation is virtually eliminated. He’s also gaining more function in his ankle and Achilles.

Dan will have to work hard to make an NFL team, but I believe his work ethic will pull him through! All of us at Egoscue Nashville wish Dan the best of luck this weekend during the NFL Draft!

QUESTION: Who are you wanting your team to take in the Draft this weekend?