The 10-Year-Old Who Saved His Family

Photo Credit: Travis Dove for The New York Times

I’m NOT a fan of bullying, but for one family from Sanford, NC, it just might have saved their family tree. Meet, Marshall Reed, the boy who was told he was fat on the last day of fourth grade and then decided to do something about it.

Marshall had been bullied about his weight for years. To fortify himself for school, he took comfort in breakfasts of cans of roast beef hash, plus biscuits and gravy. That year, the school fitness report said his body mass index was 32.3. He was emphatically obese.

But it was the student’s jeer that pushed him over the edge. As Marshall walked slowly into the house that day, he said, “Mom, let’s do the opposite of ‘Super Size Me’ ” — Morgan Spurlock’s documentary about a McDonald’s-only diet for 30 days — “and be healthy for a month. I’m tired of this.”

Marshall brightened, adding, “We can call it Portion Size Me.”

Be sure to read the rest of Marshall’s story HERE

What a remarkable accomplishment for such a young kid! His kids and grandkids will thank him for it, I’m sure.

QUESTION: What impresses you most about Marshall’s story?