How Many of Your Friends are in Chronic Pain?

A recent report stated that the average Facebook user has 245 friends. Here in America, roughly 20% of all adults are in pain. That means if we combine those two numbers, and if you’re an average Facebook user, you know 49 people in chronic pain! That’s a pretty staggering number! Yet, that number is based on you being “average.” I know that some of you have thousands of Facebook friends! (By the way, be sure to click the Facebook icon above to join the discussion on the Egoscue Nashville Facebook Page!)

My challenge to you today is this: If you have tried Egoscue, if you are a client of mine, if you have found relief by using this Method, if you are living life again with decreased pain and with fewer limitations, share your story! I believe it’s your duty to share what you’ve found with your friends. When we find something really cool, we tell others. Whether it’s the latest gadget, a great website, or a killer recipe, we share it. We want to tell others. You should be doing the same with Egoscue! My guess is that Egoscue has, quite literally, changed your life. Why wouldn’t you want to tell your story?

If you aren’t sure how to tell your friends about what you’re doing, here’s a great video that you can share with them.



QUESTION: Which friends are on your list?