The World’s Longest “Plank”

I’m sure when some of you hear the word “plank” you think of a pirate ship with some helpless prisoner teetering on the edge, inches away from taking a plunge. Today I wanted to show you a different kind of plank. If you aren’t familiar with what a plank is in the fitness world, it’s an abdominal exercise that works the whole body. We at Egoscue have an e-cise called “core abdominals” that is almost identical to this. Check out George Hood, the 54-year-old who set the Guinness World Record for the longest plank. To give you some perspective on this extremely challenging exercise, most clients struggle to hold it for 30 to 60 seconds. You won’t believe how long George held it for:



What an amazing accomplishment and display of overall function and body control! Congrats George!

QUESITON: How long could YOU hold a plank?