I Love Chattanooga

I know today’s post is extremely late in the day, but I just got back from a day-trip to Chattanooga. My boys are on spring break this week, so my wife and I planned a short getaway. I have to say, Chattanooga one of my all-time favorite cities! It’s close to Nashville (we can make it there in less than two hours), and it has a TON to offer.

One of the things I love about Chattanooga is how much of an “outside” city it is. There are a TON of people walking around, a TON of people biking, and a TON of things to do outside. Chattanooga has an amazing downtown area that lends itself to “green” living, placing many essential amenities right outside your door within walking or biking distance.

Here are some great outdoor or “active” things to do in Chattanooga:

Visit the Aquarium (It requires a lot of walking!)

See Rock City

Visit Ruby Falls

Go Rock Climbing

Compete in the Chattanooga Triathlon

Take a Hike

Walk the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge (The World’s Longest pedestrian bridge!)

Stroll through the Art District

Eat at Aretha Frankensteins (ok, this isn’t really an activity, but it is outdoors and they serve Guinness for breakfast!)

QUESTION: What is your favorite city to visit, and what do you like to do to stay active while there?