This 10-Year-Old Girl is Stronger than You

If you have ever doubted the body and what it’s capable of, then you need to read this story. You might not know the name Naomi Kutin, but you need to. She may just be the next great American weightlifter. Granted, I would have no idea who else would be on that list, but she should definitely be on it. She recently set the world record for the 97-pound division for the raw squat by squatting 215 pounds, crushing the previous record of 209 pounds (yes, a six-pound difference is considered “crushing” it). Squatting over twice your body-weight is impressive, no matter what the conditions surrounding it are, but what is extremely impressive about Naomi’s accomplishment is that she’s…wait for it…10 YEARS OLD! Yes you read that correctly. The new world-record holder in the raw squat is a 10-year-old. Absolutely incredible.

While I don’t necessarily agree with the idea of lifting weights at a young age, the fact that she was able to do it is mind-blowing. I would love to see what she would be able to do after some time doing Egoscue and Patch Fitness. I think even she would be surprised at what she could accomplish. Nonetheless, Naomi should be extremely proud of herself! Way to go, Naomi!

QUESTION: What are your thoughts about Naomi’s record-setting lift?