Allergies, Infertility, Varicosities and Sickness: The Common Link

Spring is in the air! And with spring comes the blooming of flowers, the budding of trees, and the reminder that all things are made new! I have to admit, spring is one of my favorite times of the year.

While everyone it itching to get outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures, isn’t it amazing that we are somehow lured back inside to the dreaded task of SPRING CLEANING? Why is it that we wait until one of the most beautiful times of the year to stay inside? Seems a little backwards, doesn’t it?

Today, I want to encourage you to do some spring-cleaning of your body! While you are getting your attic, closets, and garage more organized and de-cluttered, I’d say it’s a great time to get your internal closets cleaned out as well.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, then you know that I believe posture dictates everything in the body. If your posture is out of balance, it can certainly lead to musculoskeletal pain, but the effects go much deeper than that. Every system of the body is dependent on the position of the body.

Here are some things to think about:

If your shoulders and upper back are out of alignment, then (at minimum) your lungs and heart won’t be able to function properly. If you struggle with allergies this time of year, that misaligned shoulder position isn’t helping you any.

If your hips are out of alignment, then (at minimum) your digestive and reproductive systems won’t be functioning efficiently. If you are struggling with Irritable Bowl Syndrome, Chrone’s Disease, or if you’re a female struggling to get pregnant, your hip position is a major contributor.

If your knee is out of position, your circulatory system could be compromised. While you might be wondering what the connection is between your knee position and your circulatory system, need I remind you of your varicose veins? Your varicose veins are a symptom of a larger problem. While you may not have knee pain, your body is still alerting you to the fact that your posture is compromised, and the end result is that you have varicosities.

And if your ankle is out of position, your immune system could be under a lot of stress. You’ll most likely notice that your ankle is out of position because it appears swollen. This “pooling” of fluid is simply a buildup of lymph. Did you know that one of the lymphatic system’s jobs is to help remove waste from the cells? If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you have to restore proper joint positioning to the body so the lymphatic system can properly aide the immune system to help fight disease. Restore proper positioning to the ankle, and you’ll jumpstart your lymphatic and immune system, not to mention eliminate foot, ankle, and knee pain (along with other things).

This spring, don’t begrudgingly give all of your time and energy to your house. Be sure to give time, first and foremost, to YOURSELF! Remember, all things are made new…including YOU! You can start by downloading THESE FOUR FREE E-CISES. Stay focused on the position of the body, rather than the condition of the body, and you’ll discover the missing link to the vast majority of all that ails you!

QUESTION: Did any of these symptoms ring true to you? What will YOU choose to clean up this spring?