Egoscue and Vanity Fair

I have to admit, I never thought I’d be typing “Egoscue” and “Vanity Fair” in the same sentence. However, the most recent issue of Vanity Fair has a great article in it about long-time Egoscue client Sonia Jones and how she used Egoscue and yoga to recover from a blown disc in her back. The article, titled “Who’s Yoga is it Anyway?” chronicles how Jones discovered Egoscue through her husband, hedge-fund trader Paul Tudor Jones II, and his relationship with Tony Robbins, who has been an Egoscue client for 20 years.

PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL HALSBAND/LANDOV. KEEPING UP WITH THE TUDOR JONESES Left, Pattabhi Jois gives Sonia Jones an adjustment; right, Sharath Jois and Sonia at her Greenwich, Connecticut, home.


After the birth of her fourth child in 1999, Sonia found herself numb from the waste down.

Through Paul’s friendship with self-help master Tony Robbins, the Joneses met Pete Egoscue, who is basically the guru of back pain. Pete’s wife, Troi, practiced yoga in Encinitas, California, with one of Pattabhi Jois’s best-known students, Tim Miller. Troi told Sonia that to get well she too had to practice the kind of yoga Jois taught, which is widely known as Ashtanga. In today’s yoga-mad America, Ashtanga can be a rubric for a lot of things, but Troi insisted that Sonia had to practice in the very specific manner Jois taught, and with a teacher he had approved. After the Egoscues interviewed teachers on her behalf, Sonia began working with an ashtangi named Maria Rubinate. “It was a huge turning point in my life,” recalls Sonia.

These days, Sonia Jones, at 44, is a walking advertisement for the physical benefits of Ashtanga. She’s slim, but in a toned way rather than an annoyingly skinny one. Blonde and tan, she is warm and ebullient, more earthy Australian than uptight Greenwich grande dame. Every morning, she does her practice in a sunny studio—decorated with pictures of Jois and his family—in her Greenwich house, overlooking Long Island Sound. She’s so committed to Ashtanga that, if you’re in her life, you have to do it, too. All of Sonia’s children practice—from Chrissy, who is a student at Stanford, to Caroline, who is a singer-songwriter attending New York University, to Dorothy, who’s in high school, to Jack. (Sonia admits that she has to bargain with 15-year-old Jack by telling him that if he does his practice he doesn’t have to read.) Paul does Ashtanga, too, although he gets to take the summers off. Sonia says that, after meeting Guruji, Paul concluded, “He’s the happiest person I know, and he’s not on drugs,” so, he thought, there had to be something to his system.

Sonia’s love of yoga has inspired her to open a string of Jois Yoga studios and she is even designing a line of yoga clothes. Find a studio near you and see what the combination of Egoscue and Ashtanga yoga can do for you!

QUESTION: Do you incorporate yoga in with your Egoscue menus?