Can Taking Supplements be Bad for Your Health?

Multi-vitamins, Vitamin D, CoQ10, Vitamin C, Fish Oil…the list goes on and on. From One-A-Day to Centrum to Flinstone’s Chewables, vitamins and supplements are everywhere we look. We’re told on a daily basis that it’s beneficial to take them, and the vast majority of us do. You can throw me in with that group of vitamin/supplement takers, although I’m not as consistent with them as I’d like to be. But, as it turns out, maybe my inconsistency isn’t such a bad thing.

Check out this short video from Dr. Mercola.



Remember that if you are taking vitamins and supplements we have to make sure your body is working as efficiently as possible to ensure proper (or any) absorption. If your body isn’t in proper alignment, the supplements you’re taking aren’t going be dispersed properly. The body won’t be able to use them like is should and like it needs to. If your body looks like the picture on the right…

I can guarantee you are NOT getting the most out of your vitamins and supplements. You owe it to yourself to get aligned and functional! You can start by CLICKING HERE to download four free e-cise to help get you started.

QUESTION: Do you take vitamins and supplements? Will you continue to do so after watching this video?