Tony Robbins on Oprah

Tony Robbins has been using Egoscue for about 20 years now. He’s a huge believer in the Method and consistently uses it even though he’s not struggling with a daily, chronic symptom. He uses it because he KNOWS his body needs to be balanced to have energy to sustain teaching a 50-hour seminar over a four-day span.

Tony endorsed Pete’s first book The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion by saying, “Pete Egoscue offers you the opportunity to take control of your physical well-being for life. Read this book, but more importantly, use it!”

Oprah recently attend a Tony Robbins seminar to experience first-hand what Robbins teaches. In this clip (at the 5:46 mark) you can see Tony doing Egoscue Arm Circles prior to taking the stage:



QUESTION: What’s your favorite Egoscue e-cise?