The Client Who Discovered a Treasure Chest

I got this from a client last week and had to share it with you. When will you discover your treasure chest?


Dear Mr. Egoscue,

I’ve been planning to write you for a long time. John Elder from the Franklin, Tenn. center told me a few years ago that you don’t mind hearing from people. I feel that I walk around with a treasure chest because of the healing I’ve experienced because of your methods. I’m a residential house painter meeting different people every week. Two or three times a week I find myself trying to convince people  to use your methods. I’ve been told several times by the customers that I should be your salesman because I”m so sincere. Truly I am a salesman for your product because these last six years have been the best for my physical health since being a young man. About six years ago I couldn’t get out of bed because of back pain. A friend came by and laid your book Pain Free on the bed beside me, he didn’t say a word. I read the first three chapters as you recommended, before I did any of the E-cises. Then I began the back stretches and steadily improved. My back pain was relieved then I started the neck E-cises. I had injured it badly in 1968 with a head to head impact during football practice. My teammates’ helmet split in the middle. I couldn’t feel the earth with my feet after the blow, my friends helped to get me out of the uniform and into my regular clothing and drove me home. My mother sat up with me all night and I gradually came around. I know now that I was very fortunate. My teammate went to the hospital and he made it through it also. They said the impact of our helmets sounded like a shotgun blast. I’ve heard crunching sounds in my neck since that day and always neck pain. My neck pain is greatly reduced as I’m writing this to you. I know this is nothing to what you endured from your injuries in Viet Nam. Thank you for serving. I was in the lottery and received a high number. I’ve felt guilty at times for not serving. I have two sons in the Air Force at this time. One of my sons Caleb, recently was awarded a silver star and a bronze start at Pope Army Air Field on September 23, 2011. He was brave and exposed his body to fire in the attempt to make contact with his peple. He is an Air Force combat controller. I’m grateful that he lived through his tours knowing that some of his friends did not.

I could write a pamphlet about being physically bankrupt and how chapter 13 in your book delivered me. I’m almost 62 years old and I’m in better physical health than I was 20 years ago because of the treasure I found in your book. I find it so sad that most are not willing to try. It’s like they’re in a stupor of hopelessness about their conditions, or so dependent upon their doctors they don’t think for themselves. I’ve given away 20 or 30 copies of Pain Free and encouraged many to go to Barnes and Nobel in Chattanooga, Tennessee to purchase one. I hear people complain of pain continually.

Two or three years ago I started having numbness and tingling in my left arm. It became so bad that at times I couldn’t hold a paint brush or drive with my left hand. I contacted John Elder in Franklin, Tennessee and asked him if I could visit just once because I couldn’t afford many trips and visits. He was very kind and accommodating to my situation. My wife and I visited, he looked at me, gave me a menu and was comforting with his communication with me. I started the menu right away and in two weeks the numbness and tingling left and has not returned. I’m very grateful. Mr. Egoscue I appreciate what your knowledge has done for me. My wife also now stretches regularly. If you need a salesman besides, what I’m doing now, I’m your man. My children wish I would stop climbing the high ladders. I could not do what I’m doing now without the knowledge I’ve learned from you.



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