Yoga at 30,000 Feet?

Credit: AP

While airlines haven’t sprung for designated yoga areas in the cabins of their planes, airports are paying attention to the demand. Yoga at 30,000 feet might still be a ways off, but if traveling has your body in a bind you can now unwind before taking off from San Francisco International Airport in the newly added yoga room. This “retreat” in the middle of traveling chaos just opened in January and boasts mirrored walls and yoga mats but no instructors.

According to a recent AP article:

Airport officials believe the 150-square-foot (14-square-meter) room with mirrored walls is the world’s first airport yoga studio, said spokesman Mike McCarron.

SFO officials say the idea came from a passenger who checked out the newly remodeled terminal last year and told Airport Director John Martin it was lacking one thing: a yoga room.

Martin, a long-time yoga practitioner, agreed. Airport managers spent $15,000 to $20,000 to turn the storage space into the yoga studio.

So, if you’re flying through SFO at any point during the year, give the yoga room a try. But let’s turn it into an Egoscue room! 

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the SFO yoga room? Would you use it?