Brad Pitt’s Balance Problems

Even Hollywood’s elite aren’t immune from pain and suffering, as it was revealed this week that Brad Pitt is suffering from balance problems. Brad’s symptoms have come about after suffering from knee pain recently, and the star of Moneyball (a GREAT movie if you haven’t seen it) has been forced to use a cane. He says the knee injury was from a skiing accident, and while I won’t get into that, I think do there’s a reason why he hurt his knee.

I think the main cause of Pitt’s balance problem has a lot to do with using his cane. When walking with the cane, his upper body is compensating, by having to stabilize each time he takes a step. Think about it–we aren’t designed to stabilize with the muscles of our shoulders and upper back when we go for a walk. Having to use a cane has forced him to use his upper body while his lower body is moving, a motion that normally doesn’t happen. As a result, his head is moving forward to help him balance. His eyes (the horizon line) aren’t matched up with his equilibrium (the internal balancing system) and the warning sirens are screaming at him!

In addition, look at how everted (duck-footed) his feet are! His basis of support is no longer underneath him, and his feet are turning out (at different angles) to help stabilize (I know I said I wasn’t going to go there, but THAT is why Brad hurt his knee).

Pitt’s balance issues (and his knee pain) are an easy fix. Once again, we have to look at the position of the body rather than the condition of the body. Angelina, call me.

QUESTION: What have you been told about your balance issues/vertigo?