Tough Mudder: My Next Challenge

Tough Mudder logo from

On February 11, 2012 I will push my body to its limit. I’ve run a marathon, I’ve survived a 24-hour adventure race, and I’ve competed in several triathlons over the last several years, but my next race might just be my biggest challenge yet: The Tough Mudder–Nearly a half-marathon of British-Special-Forces-designed obstacles that not only challenge the body but also the mind.

Some of the obstacles include the “Arctic Enema” (a dumpster filled with ice water that I’ll have to swim through), which Tough Mudder marketing chief Alex Paternson describes as “the mother of all ice cream headaches,” along with running through live wires dangling overhead with as much as 10,000 volts coursing through them (and subsequently…me). Over the span of 10-12 miles I will complete somewhere around 25 obstacles!

The good news is that I’ll have help along the way. Myself and four of my buddies will be facing this challenge head-on. I have a feeling that the last few miles I’ll need every ounce of help that I can get, both physically and mentally, so it’s a good thing I’m not racing it alone! It’s going to be tough, no doubt about it…but it will also be a blast. And when I’m finished, I’ll be able to call myself a “Tough Mudder.”

Here’s a glimpse of what I’ll be doing!



QUESTION: What’s the toughest thing you’ve ever done?