Kenny’s Amazing Transformation

What a difference a year can make! This post is for those of you who think that your body is “too far gone” to improve. I wanted to share some before/after pictures with you all. Hopefully these encourage you to continually press forward to get the most out of your body. Your body can change and your body can heal, you just have to give it a chance.

My client, Kenny, is a walking testimonial to the fact that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” He knew he didn’t get in pain overnight, and he knew he wasn’t going to get out of it overnight, either. He was dedicated to change his body to improve his physical wellbeing. However, he also wanted to change his body for his emotional wellbeing. You see, for Kenny, his pain wasn’t just impacting his muscles and bones, it was impacting his psyche as well.

Here is what Kenny was experiencing in his own words:

I had chronic pain (generally in the 3-5 range, but often with periods in the 7-8 range) surrounding the muscular areas associated with the spine and rib structures. I could not sit for 10 minutes — my spine would literally feel like it had “locked-up.” Standing was painful, but it was not quite as intense as sitting. My activity level was severely hampered — I could not even take a brisk 15 minute walk. I could not travel anywhere. And I had to give up my #1 hobby — playing the guitar — and that void lasted for over a year. There were points in this unpleasant journey where I would describe myself as “barely functional.” And the psychological impact was huge, with much of my conscious time focusing on the frustration and pain regarding the condition. There were no obvious culprits from MRIs, and I had tried everything from epidurals, to killing nerves, to acupuncture, to alternative counseling, etc.
Now for the pictures. I have to admit, I’ve been doing what I do long enough to sometimes “take it for granted.” I naturally assume that the body will change, because I’ve seen it happen too many time. But with these pictures (taken almost exactly one year apart), I got a much-needed wakeup call! I was reminded just how stinkin’ cool the body is.

Kenny's Front View "Before"

Kenny's Front View "After"

Notice the difference in his foot position, head position and hand position. It’s amazing how his body is able to change! Rest assured, you aren’t “stuck” in your current position or condition. Take a look at the difference in his side view:

Kenny's Left Side "Before"

Kenny's Left Side "After"

Kenny's Right Side "Before"

Kenny's Right Side "After"

Obviously there were some HUGE changes that took place. Is it starting to make sense how posture and pain are connected? I sure hope so. In the “before” pictures, Kenny was in a ton of pain. In the “after” pictures, he’s pain free and doing things that he didn’t think would be possible. He’s even picked up an old habit–guitar playing! On one recent trip to Music City, Kenny bought himself a brand new guitar as a way to congratulate himself for all of his hard work! Way to go, Kenny–You certainly earned that new guitar! Keep up the GREAT work.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts about Kenny’s transformation?