Sedentary vs. Active: A Big Difference

You better get moving. Now. Your life depends on it.

Throughout the years, there have been a countless number of studies showing that as we age we lose muscle mass. It’s just a given, right? We grow old, we slow down, and our bodies go to crap.

But what if that didn’t have to happen? What if I told you that YOU could be responsible for your very own Fountain of Youth? It’s true. It has recently been discovered that you don’t have to lose your muscle mass, and there’s a brand new, shiny study out to prove it.

While researchers have largely studied the effects of aging, they have largely studied those who are sedentary. As a result, they found exactly what they were looking for: “proof” that as we age our body begins to deteriorate. However, there are some new kids on the “study” block, and they are researching what happens to an active body as it ages. The result? Retained muscle mass and strength. I gotta admit, I’m partial to the new study, because they have chosen to follow…(drumroll please)…TRIATHLETES!

Check this out:

“It is commonly believed that with aging comes an inevitable decline from vitality to frailty. This includes feeling weak and often the loss of independence. These declines may have more to do with lifestyle choices, including sedentary living and poor nutrition, than the absolute potential of musculoskeletal aging.

In this study, we sought to eliminate the confounding variables of sedentary living and muscle disuse, and answer the question of what really happens to our muscles as we age if we are chronically active. This study and those discussed here show that we are capable of preserving both muscle mass and strength with lifelong physical activity.”

I love these photographs they have included to show the difference. The first picture is a cross-section of a 40-year-old triathlete, the second is a picture of a sedentary 74-year-old and the last is of an active 70-year-old triathlete. The results are remarkable!


So, what will YOUR choice be? Will you succumb to the myth that your body simply deteriorates and falls aparet as you age? Or will you choose to be active and change what society has always believed to be true? It’s important to remember that you do have a choice. I’ve chosen to change common thinking. I’m committed to look like the picture at the bottom!

QUESTION: What will YOU choose?