“Stop Your Pain” Radio–Emotions and Pain

Chronic PainRick Mathes has done it again–another great episode of “Stop Your Pain” radio. This week’s guest was Brian Bradley, VP of Therapy Protocol for The Egoscue Method. Brian has been with Pete Egoscue for over 20 years and shares his knowledge about pain and the emotional connection that is often tied to a physical ailment. The topic of emotions and pain was the subject of Pete’s latest book, Pain Free Living. In addition to Pete’s book, I’ve blogged about it in the past. I think there’s a HUGE connection between circumstances that someone has had to deal with–a bad divorce or the loss of a loved one, for example–and the physical pain they are dealing with. If you’re dealing with chronic pain and have had a negative event in your life recently, I recommend picking up a copy of Pete’s new book and listening to this week’s episode of “Stop Your Pain.”

QUESTION: Do you believe there is a connection between our emotions and pain?