“Stop Your Pain” Radio–Aging Gracefully

Have you found the Fountain of Youth? If not, you need to listen to this episode of “Stop Your Pain.” Rick Mathes had another great radio show this week, and he’s talking about a very relevant topic: aging gracefully. It’s a topic that is hot right now, as everyone seems to be searching for ways to beat the aging clock and look and feel younger. I was just listening to a Tony Robbins video the other day and he asked his audience this question: “How many of you think biography is destiny? That the past equals the future?”

How would you answer that? I fully believe that your current condition doesn’t have to be your health destiny! Don’t let your past define your future. Decide TODAY to change, because when you give your body a chance to heal itself…it will!

On this weeks’ show, Rick is joined by a client of his along with Shawn Taker from our Palm Beach Gardens, Florida clinic, and they all share excellent insight on how you can change your current condition and age gracefully.



QUESTION: What do you believe about your current condition and what your condition will be as you age?