Exercise Might Have an Impact on Alzheimer’s

I read an article in USA Today that is very encouraging for those of you who suffer from Alzheimer’s or have a relative who does. The new study found that an active life could help against Alzheimer-related brain changes. The article gets a little heady, but it’s a great read. Here are some of the highlights from the article:

They examined the association between exercise and amyloid deposits in the brain among 201 cognitively normal patients, ages 45 to 88, with and without the APOE e4 allele.

Deposits of amyloid protein in the brain have long been associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Patients with an active lifestyle had less cerebral amyloid deposition than those with a sedentary lifestyle, the study found.

The bottom line? Move it and lost it! The more you move, and the move active lifestyle you lead, the fewer amyloid deposits you have, thus decreasing your risk of Alzheimer’s. Pretty cool!

We see a lot of clients who would like to move and stay active, but can’t. Chronic pain has debilitated them, and they have fallen victim to a vicious downward cycle. They hurt to they can’t exercise. They can’t exercise, so they gain weight. The gain weight, and become unhealthy. They become unhealthy, and die. While this might seem like a drastic example, sadly it’s true. What’s worse is that these clients might also be at a higher risk for Alzheimer’s because they aren’t moving.

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QUESTION: What are your thoughts on this new research?